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                <h2>Magic Square</h2>
(<i>See: <a href="">Hacker Rank</a> - Medium Level - 73.25% Pass Rate</i>)
<i>The problem cannot be solved within the time complexity constraints without knowing the set of magic square constants.</i>
<p>Make sure to see: <a href="">this article</a> which provides a great mathematics background for this problem. After reading <a href="">several other blog posts about people taking a while to solve this (me too!)</a>. I decided to cave and do some research beforehand!</p>
<div id="here"></div>




                const print = str => {
  const el = document.getElementById("here");
  const txt = document.createTextNode(str);
  const br = document.createElement("br");

const formingMagicSquare = (s, expected) => {
    let c = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]

    // magic square 15 - 8 at 3 by 3
    const MAGIC_SQUARES = [

    for (let i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
        for (let j = 0; j < 3; j++) {
        const a = s[i][j]
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[0][i][j]) c[0] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[0][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[1][i][j]) c[1] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[1][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[2][i][j]) c[2] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[2][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[3][i][j]) c[3] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[3][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[4][i][j]) c[4] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[4][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[5][i][j]) c[5] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[5][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[6][i][j]) c[6] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[6][i][j] - a)
        if (a !== MAGIC_SQUARES[7][i][j]) c[7] += Math.abs(MAGIC_SQUARES[7][i][j] - a)

    let ops = c[0]

    for (let x = 0; x < c.length; x++) {
        if (ops > c[x]) ops = c[x]
    print(`TEST CASE: ${s}`)
    print(`EXPECTED: ${expected} ACTUAL: ${ops}`)

formingMagicSquare([[1,2,2],[2,2,3],[4,3,2]], 26)
formingMagicSquare([[4,9,2],[3,5,7],[8,1,5]], 1)
formingMagicSquare([[4,8,2],[4,5,7],[6,1,6]], 4)