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A cute lion created purely with CSS, making use of CSS3 keyframe animations, and written as a simple example of how Sass can help you write more effective CSS with less repetition. Best viewed in Chrome.


  1. Brill! Love the animation =D

  2. nice trick using letter S and W for the tail

  3. Awesome...

  4. Just perfect

  5. this is the best commented sourcecode i've ever read. thanks for introducing me to sass

  6. good job on using letters as parts of Mr. Lion :-)

  7. Wow nice job on using those letters @thepandalion

  8. Dude, this is the best 'Getting started with Sass' tutorial ever. You should make this an ebook or at least a blogpost or something. With a screenshot of the lion on one page and the code with your comments on the other side. Would be pretty awesome for people to get started with sass. Cheers!

  9. @awesomephant thanks! I am hoping to try and do something like that :)

  10. @janreimers I'm happy it helped you! thanks!

  11. Oh it waves now! I want to see it wave again! Please wave... please wave... oh, I don't think it'll wave. Lets look at the code: oh it does one 'wave' three times, then that's it. Aw =( Ok refresh! YAY IT WAVED AGAIN! OMG!

  12. cuteness overload

  13. SOOO CUTE!!!

  14. Wow I love it! :D

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