You love to code? You're not alone!

You're already familiar with places like, github and stackoverflow. You've found some awesome communities and you've got so much content you're bursting at the seams; All in the comfort of your home, coffee shop or school lab.

What if I told you there are even ways to connect with like minded people in person? Whether it's quickly learning something for the first time, discussions of discoveries, pulling all nighters to breath life into an idea or even devoting yourself to achieving mastery! We can do them together.


Dojo's are short, simple and focused get togethers. It'll often be orientated around solving a rather simple problem using a technology or framework you're not accustom to. A master will discuss and demonstrate the problem and a complete solution with the intention that all participants can achieve the same result once they've left.


Meetup's are usually regular, spaced out and cover multiple topics around a focus area. You'll find they'll have demonstrations, experienced speakers and sometimes extended events. Demonstrations are usually high-level leaving you with some homework to do yourself if the content inspired you. Speakers are not always on technical implementation and can sometimes provide insight into the experiences of more mature developers, soft skills needed for startups or even just inspiriration discussion of the potential available!


Hackathons are somewhat sparse, lengthy and for a good cause! You'll get your hands dirty trying to solve a problem and fleshing out ideas with your peers then working in teams to achieve a solution within a timeframe! Sometimes, they'll be a continuation from a previous session but that's less often the case! It's exciting to problem solve, apply yourself and deliver your concept in a limited time frame, it tests your ability to work together and deliver a great product.


Bootcamps are pretty serious, they last several weeks with the aim to provide you with working knowledge and experience on the topic at hand. Through sweat and tears, you'll be in contact with masters of the craft passing on their wealth of knowledge and experience in this relatively short space of time. More than you'll often be able to aquire with personal dedicated research an effort over a much longer time span!