<p>Pure CSS background pattern. Can you figure out how it was made before checking the code? Can you reduce the number of gradients? Let me know! You can also check out my <a href='https://codepen.io/thebabydino/pen/JjmXroB' target='_blank'>other connectors pattern</a>.</p>
@use 'sass:math';

$d: 6em;
$r: .5*$d;
$g: $d*(math.sqrt(2) - 1);
$s: $d + $g;
$p: $r/3;
$q: 2*$p;

html {
	--sl: calc(#{$q} + 1px) calc(#{$r} + -.5px), 
				transparent calc(#{$r} + .5px);
		radial-gradient(#fff $p, 
				#000 calc(#{$p} + 1px) $q, 
				#fff var(--sl)) .5*$s .5*$s, 
		repeating-conic-gradient(#000 0% 25%, transparent 0% 50%) 
			.25*$s .25*$s, 
		radial-gradient(#000 $p, 
				#fff calc(#{$p} + 1px) $q, 
				#000 var(--sl));
	background-size: $s $s, 2*$s 2*$s;
	background-blend-mode: lighten
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