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              <p class="container">
  <img src="http://placekitten.com/200/200" alt="kitten" class="kitten-left">
  Cred paleo whatever, portland distillery microdosing pabst. Salvia seitan cardigan kinfolk yuccie, chia umami viral blog. Waistcoat tilde next level, tote bag stumptown four loko franzen. Small batch vice swag, offal chia kickstarter helvetica pitchfork. Four loko ramps hella mixtape, typewriter biodiesel echo park kogi tumblr drinking vinegar marfa semiotics. Biodiesel tofu mumblecore pabst wayfarers 90's. Try-hard whatever dreamcatcher YOLO taxidermy butcher, iPhone mixtape waistcoat chillwave. Meh austin synth celiac poutine, tote bag truffaut small batch ugh freegan VHS pabst vice.
  <img src="http://placekitten.com/200/150" alt="cuter kitten" class="kitten-right">
  Cornhole schlitz master cleanse, fap flannel plaid you probably haven't heard of them flexitarian tousled echo park fanny pack viral. Bushwick paleo pour-over, schlitz cred 3 wolf moon try-hard flexitarian chartreuse sustainable vegan beard. Asymmetrical pabst tumblr neutra helvetica. Kombucha tattooed celiac aesthetic four dollar toast single-origin coffee. Beard church-key craft beer, gluten-free knausgaard celiac poutine williamsburg occupy kogi. Drinking vinegar narwhal neutra art party, banh mi chia raw denim butcher.
              .container {
  width: 600px;  

.kitten-left {
  float: left;

.kitten-right {
  float: right;
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