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                // Transforms a string to a valid CSS class by removing illegal characters and/or adding valid characters to the start.
// Does not use String.replaceAll for older browser compatibility. For some reason this file is not transpiled by Nuxt.js
// see
// Based on spec see 4.1.3 in,hyphen%20followed%20by%20a%20digit.
// e.g. input 5TaCAyngFaUA0w8WACUkWg -> output cr5TaCAyngFaUA0w8WACUkWg
function transformToDOMIdentifier(input) {
  // "they cannot start with a digit, two hyphens, or a hyphen followed by a digit."
  let passOne = input.match(/^(\d|-\d|-)/) ? 'cr' + input : input 
  const innerRegex = /[^a-zA-Z0-9-_]/g;
  let maxTries = 100;
  let currentTry = 0;
  while (passOne.match(innerRegex) && currentTry < maxTries) {
    passOne = passOne.replace(innerRegex, '')
  return passOne; // "In CSS, identifiers (including element names, classes, and IDs in selectors) can contain only the characters [a-zA-Z0-9] and ISO 10646 "

// test: doesn't break a valid string
// test: adds chars to the front of a string with illegal starting chars
// test:
// test: doesn't endlessly loop on giant strings but gives up