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Generate a latent space of melodic loops using the Google Magenta MusicVAE model (and the ImprovRNN model), and then play the loops against each other exploring the latent harmonic possibilities.

Powered by Magenta.js https://goo.gl/magenta/js TensorFlow.js https://js.tensorflow.org/ Tone.js https://tonejs.github.io/


  1. Chris @Chris_Scomersi on

    it doesn't matter how many I activate... it just sounds great :D

  2. Too bad my monitor doesn't have speakers, I am going to grab my laptop to view/listen to this pen!

  3. A little hard to use, but very impressive.

  4. This is gorgeous.

  5. Very, very cool. When I tried it, it took about a minute and a half to load, so be patient!

  6. left: Cmaj, right: Amin Select the top left 4, and the bottom right 4

  7. Been trying to see this but it seems it's stuck on "loading models". Am I missing some tweak to have it running?

  8. This is the best RNN music app I've seen so far! Thank you so much. I'd love to be able to play MIDI as the input of central loop and have other loops generated + be able to output to MIDI (as in your Arpeggiator) :) Any chance to add it?

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