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              <section class="bcls-section" id="video_data">
<h2>Ingesting Videos</h2>
  <h3>Video data</h3>

<p>This script expects a data set as a JSON array of objects like this:</p>

<p>Video data:<textarea id="videoData" class="bcls-code" style="height:20em;">[
        "name": "Woodpecker",
        "description": "A bird that hunts insects inside wood",
        "url": "http://learning-services-media.brightcove.com/videos/mp4/Bird_Woodpecker.mp4",
        "reference_id": "Bird_Woodpecker.mp4",
        "tags": ["bird", "air", "nature"]
        "name": "Chickadee",
        "description": "A small friendly bird",
        "url": "http://learning-services-media.brightcove.com/videos/mp4/Bird_Chickadee.mp4",
        "reference_id": "Bird_Chickadee.mp4",
        "tags": ["bird", "air", "nature"]
        "name": "Great Blue Heron",
        "description": "Pair of great blue herons",
        "url": "http://learning-services-media.brightcove.com/videos/mp4/greatblueheron.mp4",
        "reference_id": "greatblueheron.mp4",
        "tags": ["bird", "air", "nature"]
        "name": "Great Horned Owl",
        "description": "Mother and child owls",
        "url": "http://learning-services-media.brightcove.com/videos/mp4/greathornedowl.mp4",
        "reference_id": "greathornedowl.mp4",
        "tags": ["bird", "air", "nature"]

<p>This is the actual data used in this sample. You could include other metadata fields, but you would need to modify the script a little to send those with the first API call. You'll also notice that these are risky values to use for reference ids, especially for a sample like this that will be run multiple times - but I am getting around the duplication issue by appending the current epoch time in milliseconds to whatever is in the data.</p>

<div class="form-wrapper">
<fieldset class="bcls-fieldset"><legend>Inputs for Dynamic Ingest</legend>

<p>Account: (defaults to Brightcove sample account) <input id="account_id" type="text" value="" name="account_id" /></p>

<p>Client id: (defaults to Brightcove sample account) <input id="client_id" type="text" value="" name="client_id" /></p>

<p>Client secret: (defaults to Brightcove sample account) <input id="client_secret" type="text" value="" name="client_secret" /></p>

<p>Ingest profile: <select id="ingest_profile_display"></select><br />
or Custom Profile: <input id="custom_profile_display" type="text" value="" name="custom_profile_display" /> (you must use the name exactly as it appears in the Video Cloud system, or the request will fail)</p>

  <p><input id="di_Submit" class="bcls-button" type="submit" value="Start Ingest" /></p>
<p>Full request URL for the CMS API call:<br />
<textarea class="bcls-code" name="url" id="cms_url"></textarea> (automatically generated - for information only)</p>

<p>Full request URL for the DI API call:<br />
<textarea class="bcls-code" name="url" id="di_url"></textarea> (automatically generated - for information only)</p>


<section class="bcls-section">
<h2 id="logger">Results Log</h2>

<pre class="line-numbers">
<code id="response" class="language-json">Response will appear here...</code></pre>
              /* * The body style is just for the
 * background color of the codepen.
 * Do not include in your code.
body {
  background-color: #111;
  color: #f5f5f5;
  font-family: sans-serif;
  margin: 2em;
 * Styles essential to the sample
 * are below
.bcls-code {
  color: #111;
  font-family: 'Source Code Pro',monospace;
  padding: 1em;
  width: 90%;
  min-height: 5em;
  background-color: #cfcfcf;
  font-size: 1rem;
.bcls-button {
  padding: .5em;
  background-color: #333;
  border: 1px yellow solid;
  border-radius: .5em;
  color: yellow;
  cursor: pointer;
fieldset {
  color: #64AAB2;
  border: 1px #64AAB2 solid;
  border-radius: .5em;
code {
  color: #E4B842;
  font-family: 'Source Code Pro',monospace;
              var BCLS = (function(window, document) {
  var // CMS API stuff
    account_id_display = document.getElementById('account_id'),
    client_id_display = document.getElementById('client_id'),
    client_secret_display = document.getElementById('client_secret'),
    ingest_profile_display = document.getElementById('ingest_profile_display'),
    custom_profile_display = document.getElementById('custom_profile_display'),
    cms_url_display = document.getElementById('cms_url'),
    videoDataDisplay = document.getElementById('videoData'),
    // Dynamic Ingest API stuff
    profilesArray = ['multi-platform-extended-static', 'multi-platform-standard-static'],
    di_url_display = document.getElementById('di_url'),
    di_submit_display = document.getElementById('di_Submit'),
    diURL = 'https://solutions.brightcove.com/bcls/bcls-proxy/bcls-proxy-v2.php',
    response = document.getElementById('response'),
    videoData = [],
    videoNumber = 0,
    currentJobs = 0,
    totalIngested = 0,
    defaults = {
      account_id: 57838016001,
      client_id: '37cd3c5d-6f18-4702-bfb6-4fbc1cd095f1',
      client_secret: 'gLSQANqe6A2PzJce_6xA4bTNu844up5-CSrC-jxNfur4EaOgWKRcqq_GTxKjhMpPSflMdNEhFdBmNe0qsTIZSQ'
    callbacks = ["http://solutions.brightcove.com/bcls/dynamic-delivery/di-callbacks.php"];

  // is defined
  function isDefined(x) {
    if (x === '' || x === null || x === undefined) {
      return false;
    return true;
  // set options for the CMS API request
  function setCMSOptions() {
    var options = {},
      reqBody = {};
    // truncate description if too long
    videoData[videoNumber].description = videoData[videoNumber].description.substr(0, 120) + '...';
    options.client_id = client_id;
    options.client_secret = client_secret;
    reqBody.name = videoData[videoNumber].name;
    reqBody.description = videoData[videoNumber].description;
    reqBody.reference_id = videoData[videoNumber].reference_id;
    reqBody.tags = videoData[videoNumber].tags;
    options.requestBody = JSON.stringify(reqBody);
    options.requestType = 'POST';
    options.url = cms_url_display.value;
    // now submit the request
    submitRequest(options, diURL, 'cms');
  // set options for the Dynamic Ingest API request
  function setDIOptions() {
    var options = {},
      reqBody = {};
      custom_profile_display_value = custom_profile_display.value;
    // get the ingest profile
    if (isDefined(custom_profile_display_value)) {
      ingest_profile = custom_profile_display_value;
    } else {
      ingest_profile = ingest_profile_display.options[ingest_profile_display.selectedIndex].value;
    options.client_id = client_id;
    options.client_secret = client_secret;
    reqBody.master = {};
    reqBody.master.url = videoData[videoNumber].url;
    reqBody.profile = ingest_profile;
    reqBody.callbacks = callbacks;
    options.requestBody = JSON.stringify(reqBody);
    options.requestType = 'POST';
    options.url = di_url_display.value;
    // now submit the request
    submitRequest(options, diURL, 'di');
  // function to set the request
  function logResponse(type, data) {
    response.textContent += type + ': ' + data + ',\n';

  // function to submit Request
  function submitRequest(options, proxyURL, type) {
    var httpRequest = new XMLHttpRequest(),
      getResponse = function() {
        try {
          if (httpRequest.readyState === 4) {
            if (httpRequest.status >= 200 && httpRequest.status < 300) {
              logResponse(type, httpRequest.responseText);
              responseData = httpRequest.responseText;
              switch (type) {
                case 'cms':
                  if (responseData.indexOf('TIMEOUT') > 0) {
                    // videoNumber++;
                    t1 = setTimeout(setCMSOptions, 1000);
                  } else {
                    parsedData = JSON.parse(responseData);
                    di_url_display.value = 'https://ingest.api.brightcove.com/v1/accounts/' + account_id + '/videos/' + parsedData.id + '/ingest-requests';
                case 'di':
                  logResponse('totalIngested', totalIngested);
                  if (videoNumber < totalVideos - 1) {
                    logResponse('Processing video number', videoNumber);
                    logResponse('Current jobs: ', currentJobs);
                    // if currentJobs is > 99, need to pause
                    if (currentJobs > 99) {
                      // reset currentJobs
                      currentJobs = 0;
                      // wait 30 min before resuming
                      t2 = setTimeout(setCMSOptions, 1800000);
                    } else {
                      // pause to avoid CMS API timeouts
                      t2 = setTimeout(setCMSOptions, 1000);
            } else {
              alert('There was a problem with the request. Request returned ' + httpRequest.status);
        } catch (e) {
          alert('Caught Exception: ' + e);
    // set up request data
    // set response handler
    httpRequest.onreadystatechange = getResponse;
    // open the request
    httpRequest.open('POST', proxyURL);
    // set headers
    httpRequest.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded');
    // open and send request
  di_submit_display.addEventListener('click', function() {
    var i, now = new Date().valueOf();
    videoData = JSON.parse(videoDataDisplay.value);
    totalVideos = videoData.length;
    // to insure uniqueness,
    for (i = 0; i < totalVideos; i++) {
      videoData[i].reference_id += '_' + now.toString();
    // in case of stop/start, reset videoNumber to 0
    videoNumber = 0;
    // get account inputs
    account_id = isDefined(account_id_display.value) ? account_id_display.value : defaults.account_id;
    client_id = isDefined(client_id_display.value) ? client_id_display.value : defaults.client_id;
    client_secret = isDefined(client_secret_display.value) ? client_secret_display.value : defaults.client_secret;
    cms_url_display.value = 'https://cms.api.brightcove.com/v1/accounts/' + account_id + '/videos';
    // set CMS API options for first video
  // initialize
  function init() {
    var i,
      iMax = profilesArray.length,
    // add options for standard ingest profiles
    for (i = 0; i < iMax; i++) {
      newOpt = new Option(profilesArray[i]);
  // call init to set things up
})(window, document);

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