Welcome to the CodePen Creative Challenge, a weeklong community event where the CodePen community shares their exploration of a theme through awesome pens! See past challenges or get in touch with the CCC team.


Since spring is already upon us in the northern hemisphere (3/20 was the first day) and with Easter being this weekend for those that celebrate, it seemed obvious that this week's CodePen Creative Challenge should be themed for Easter or spring.


As always, if you need inspiration we've got you covered! Pens, pictures or palettes, we've selected some stuff that will hopefully spark your creative side.

Can't stand the mess of making Easter eggs? Create them online with this pure CSS Easter egg maker from Gregor Adams.


Maybe you can use Chris Gannon's Eggmatic 3000 to feed your Easter egg production line. Not strictly Easter, but eggs is eggs. See more pens tagged with "easter" or ones tagged with "egg".


Prefer flowers over ovoid foodstuffs? Max Kohler has you covered with this delightful flower growing loader. Check out more pens tagged with "flower".


Spring has sprung

Easter eggs aren't just for Easter

"Easter egg" doesn't always refer to chicken-related edibles, it can also refer to a hidden feature in a movie, tv show, game (up up down down left right left right b a, anyone?) or even software. The new CodePen JavaScript console even has a couple of Easter eggs tucked away.

Color palettes

ColourLovers is a color palette creation site backed by a vibrant community (pun definitely intended), and we've picked a few Easter/spring themed palettes we liked. Or search ColourLovers for spring or Easter and see what springs up.

The "Rules"

Or "Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules."

There aren't many rules, but we do have to keep some sort of order to the chaos around here (have you ever tried to herd cats?). The following are some guidelines that help the CCC team keep these challenges running smoothly:

  • Create a pen that has something to do with the current theme Easter/spring.
  • Post a link to your pen in the comments below. Please no embeds (we want the page to load quickly), but screenshots or images are perfectly fine.
  • Use the tag #springCCC both if you share your pen on Twitter (and really, why not?) and on the pen itself so we can find and share it easily.
  • The CCC team will add your pens to the CCC: Easter/Spring 2016 Collection.
  • The challenge starts on Friday, March 25 and ends on Friday, April 1.

Slideshow of all the Pens

To experience all the Pens added so far to the CCC: Easter/Spring 2016 Collection you can use the CodePen TV functionality and whatch them as a slideshow. It's awesome!

Thanks to the entire CCC team, who have kept the challenge going over the past year. Thanks to Chris Coyier for his help behind the scenes. And of course a huge thanks to the community at large for all their creativity.


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