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  1. wonderful! love it

  2. Yes, it is amazing !!

  3. Woah! Putting this on the list of "reasons why I should learn THREE.js"!

    Although even then, I probably wouldn't be anywhere near this creative...

  4. To be honest it digust me a bit, it reminds me a taenia in someone's stomach :D
    But I just can't stop looking at it, because... well it's just amazing how smooth it is !

  5. mmmm very cool. I'm with Amelia on wanting to learn THREE.js

  6. Funky bro!

  7. inspiring, i just owe behind that work :)

  8. BETTLEJUICE! BETTLEJUICE! BETTLEJUICE! wow... nothing happened... awesome! will dig through this to learn

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