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                <div id="container">
  <img class="floaty-left" src="">
  <img class="floaty-left" src="">
  <p>Cat ipsum dolor sit amet, mewl for food at 4am. Reward the chosen human with a slow blink chill on the couch table, for i shredded your linens for you, yet leave dead animals as gifts man running from cops stops to pet cats, goes to jail i see a bird i stare at it i meow at it i do a wiggle come here birdy. Murr i hate humans they are so annoying brown cats with pink ears ask to be pet then attack owners hand. Chase ball of string i hate cucumber pls dont throw it at me, but push your water glass on the floor and skid on floor, crash into wall for knock dish off table head butt cant eat out of my own dish human is washing you why halp oh the horror flee scratch hiss bite the fat cat sat on the mat bat away with paws. Spill litter box, scratch at owner, destroy all furniture, especially couch roll on the floor purring your whiskers off. Kitty poochy side-eyes your "jerk" other hand while being petted for meow all night having their mate disturbing sleeping humans, munch, munch, chomp, chomp lick the other cats there's a forty year old lady there let us feast but chase dog then run away. Gimme attention gimme attention gimme attention gimme attention gimme attention gimme attention just kidding i don't want it anymore meow bye hopped up on catnip, and refuse to come home when humans are going to bed; stay out all night then yowl like i am dying at 4am yet dead stare with ears cocked but destroy couch munch, munch, chomp, chomp and stare at ceiling. </p>
  <img class="floaty-right" src="">
  <img class="floaty-left" src="">
  <p>Leave dead animals as gifts thug cat and slap kitten brother with paw stinky cat. Rub whiskers on bare skin act innocent purrrrrr purr as loud as possible, be the most annoying cat that you can, and, knock everything off the table yet stand with legs in litter box, but poop outside sniff other cat's butt and hang jaw half open thereafter or if it fits, i sits, chew master's slippers. Eat half my food and ask for more ask to be pet then attack owners hand for jump five feet high and sideways when a shadow moves, try to hold own back foot to clean it but foot reflexively kicks you in face, go into a rage and bite own foot, hard but meow and walk away. Cat is love, cat is life mouse, and pushes butt to face playing with balls of wool, be a nyan cat, feel great about it, be annoying 24/7 poop rainbows in litter box all day ooh, are those your $250 dollar sandals? lemme use that as my litter box burrow under covers. Howl uncontrollably for no reason massacre a bird in the living room and then look like the cutest and most innocent animal on the planet. Hell is other people present belly, scratch hand when stroked decide to want nothing to do with my owner today. Hopped up on catnip play time cats go for world domination but sit in box, purr i see a bird i stare at it i meow at it i do a wiggle come here birdy poop on grasses. Scream at teh bath meow eat the fat cats food. Hell is other people if human is on laptop sit on the keyboard eat prawns daintily with a claw then lick paws clean wash down prawns with a lap of carnation milk then retire to the warmest spot on the couch to claw at the fabric before taking a catnap. </p>


                #container {
  max-width: 600px;
  margin: 0 auto;
  background-color: #eee;

.floaty-left {
  float: left;
  margin-right: 8px;
.floaty-right {
  float: right;
  margin-left: 8px;

p {
  font-size: 16px;
  line-height: 20px;
  // if the ragged right edge of the text
  // against the floaty-rights bothers you,
  // toggle this on to justify the text
  // text-align: justify;