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                // input options
const utterances = [
  ["how are you", "how is life", "how are things"],
  ["hi", "hey", "hello", "good morning", "good afternoon"],
  ["what are you doing", "what is going on", "what is up"],
  ["how old are you"],
  ["who are you", "are you human", "are you bot", "are you human or bot"],
  ["who created you", "who made you"],
    "your name please",
    "your name",
    "may i know your name",
    "what is your name",
    "what call yourself"
  ["happy", "good", "fun", "wonderful", "fantastic", "cool"],
  ["bad", "bored", "tired"],
  ["help me", "tell me story", "tell me joke"],
  ["ah", "yes", "ok", "okay", "nice"],
  ["bye", "good bye", "goodbye", "see you later"],
  ["what should i eat today"],
  ["what", "why", "how", "where", "when"],
  ["no", "not sure", "maybe", "no thanks"],
  ["haha", "ha", "lol", "hehe", "funny", "joke"]

// Possible responses corresponding to triggers

const answers = [
    "Fine... how are you?",
    "Pretty well, how are you?",
    "Fantastic, how are you?"
    "Hello!", "Hi!", "Hey!", "Hi there!", "Howdy"
    "Nothing much",
    "About to go to sleep",
    "Can you guess?",
    "I don't know actually"
  ["I am infinite"],
  ["I am just a bot", "I am a bot. What are you?"],
  ["The one true God, JavaScript"],
  ["I am nameless", "I don't have a name"],
  ["Have you ever felt bad?", "Glad to hear it"],
  ["Why?", "Why? You shouldn't!"],
  ["What about?", "Once upon a time..."],
  ["Tell me a story", "Tell me a joke", "Tell me about yourself"],
  ["Bye", "Goodbye", "See you later"],
  ["Pasta", "Burger"],
  ["Great question"],
  ["That's ok", "What do you want to talk about?"],
  ["Please say something :("],
  ["Haha!", "Good one!"]

// Random for any other user input

const alternatives = [
  "Go on...",
  "Try again",