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      , v-show="ready")
  .alert.alert-danger#error(role="alert", v-show="error")
    pre.mb-0 {{ error }}
    button.close(type="button", @click="error = ''") #[span &times;]
  h1 LINE 訊息推送工具
        label(for="proxy") API Proxy
        label(for="csv") CSV 網址 (第一列會成為變數名稱)
        label(for="access-token") Access Token
        input#access-token.form-control.form-control-sm(type="password", v-model="i.accessToken")
        label(for="to") 傳送給 (可使用變數)
    label(for="msg") 訊息內容 JSON (先處理變數才會轉 JSON,務必注意 JSON escape 的問題)
    textarea#msg.form-control.form-control-sm.h-400px(v-model="i.msg"), v-if="status") {{ status }}…"button", @click="linePush", v-else) 推送訊息"", target="_blank") template 文件"", target="_blank") Flex 模擬器"", target="_blank") Flex 模擬器 β"", target="_blank") LINE 訊息文件


  display: none
  height: 400px !important
  position: fixed
  bottom: 0
  z-index: 1071
  left: 1rem
  right: 1rem
    position: absolute
    right: 1.25rem
    top: .75rem


                const sleep = wait => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, wait))

let vm = new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
    i: {
      accessToken: '',
      csv: '',
      msg: '',
      proxy: '',
      to: '',
    ready: false,
    status: '',
    error: ''
  async mounted () {
    try {
      let saved = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('zYYMrLb'))
      if (saved) this.$set(this, 'i', {...this.i, ...saved})
    } catch (err) {}
    this.$watch('i', (newVal, oldVal) => {
      localStorage.setItem('zYYMrLb', JSON.stringify(this.i))
    }, { deep: true })
    this.ready = true
  methods: {
    async linePush () {
      const errors = []
      try {
        // 取得 csv
        this.status = '正在從 csv 取得資料'
        const rows = await this.getCsv(this.i.csv)
        console.log(`成功從 csv 中取得 ${rows.length} 筆資料`)
        if (rows.length <= 0) throw new Error('csv 中沒有任何記錄')

        // 推送確認
        this.status = '等候使用者確認推送'
        await sleep(100)
        if (!confirm(`即將推送 ${rows.length} 則訊息!`)) throw new Error('使用者自行取消推送')

        // compile tpl
        this.status = '正在解析訊息內容 JSON'
        const tplTo = _.template(
        const tplMsg = _.template(this.i.msg)
        let sendCnt = 0
        for (const item of rows) {
          try {
            this.status = `正在傳送訊息 (${++sendCnt} / ${rows.length})`
            const to = tplTo({...item, _})
            const msg = JSON.parse(tplMsg({...item, _}))
            await this.pushMessage(to, msg)
          } catch (err) {
            err.message = `${this.status} ${err.message}`
      } catch (err) {
      this.error =, err => err.message).join('\n')
      this.status = ''
    async getCsv (url) {
      url = new URL(url)
      url.searchParams.set('cachebust', +new Date())
      const csv = _.trim(_.get(await axios.get(url.href), 'data'))
      return _.get(Papa.parse(csv, {
        encoding: 'utf8',
        header: true,
      }), 'data', [])
    async pushMessage (to, messages, notificationDisabled = false) {
      try {
        if (!_.isArray(messages)) messages = [messages]
        await, {
        }, {
          headers: {
            Authorization: `Bearer ${this.i.accessToken}`
      } catch (err) {
        if (_.hasIn(err, 'response')) {
          const res = err.response
          const debugObj = {status: res.status, headers: res.headers, data:, to, messages}
          err.stack = `${}: LINE pushMessage failed with status code ${res.status}\n${JSON.stringify(debugObj, null, 2)}`
        throw err