Problem in Position:fixed

While developing an app, i found strange issue with the elements have property as "posiiton:fixed;".

In my app i used this property to fix the navigation bar at the top of the page and that page has several input elements text-box, select2 boxes and buttons.

No issue when tabbing the button.But if i clicked any text-box or the select2 box, the virtual keyboard is automatically openend at that time the navigation bar get flickerd. The problem is the iOS plat from doesnt suppor the property position fixed (like the mozilla which doesnt support the "autofocus") .

I sit and think for the solution, first i thing is to design a custom virtual key board instead of default one. But that needs lots of effort. I want to fix the issue inminimal time**.

Later, i decide for some dirty fix, while the opening of keyboard or in the focus of the text-box, just change the "position:fixed ====> position:absoluted" and reverse the same for the closing of keyboard or at the blur of text-box.

I dont know why these guys are not supporting some of the properties????

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