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Did you try the documentation?

We have lots of information available in our documentation that might help you with your issue. If you don't find your answer there, send us a message. We're happy to help!

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How do I verify my email?

Click the link in the verification email from (be sure to check your spam folder or other email tabs if it's not in your inbox).

Or, send an email with the subject "Verify" to from the email address you use for your CodePen account.

How to Verify Email Docs

My Pen loads infinitely or crashes the browser.

It's likely an infinite loop in JavaScript that we could not catch. To fix, add ?turn_off_js=true to the end of the URL (on any page, like the Pen or Project editor, your Profile page, or the Dashboard) to temporarily turn off JavaScript. When you're ready to run the JavaScript again, remove ?turn_off_js=true and refresh the page.

How to Disable JavaScript Docs

How do I contact the creator of a Pen?

You can leave a comment on any public Pen. Click the "Comments" link in the Pen editor view, or visit the Details page.

How to Contact Creator of a Pen Docs

What version of [library] does CodePen use?

We have our current list of library versions here.

What are forks?

A fork is a complete copy of a Pen or Project that you can save to your own account and modify. Your forked copy comes with everything the original author wrote, including all of the code and any dependencies.

Learn More About Forks

Receipts, account cancellation and more

If you're investigating a charge from CodePen, need a receipt or need to cancel your account check out our comprehensive doc at the link below.

What is this Charge on my Credit Card?