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It's just a concept, a fake chat to design a new daily ui for direct messaging. Hope you like it :)


  1. Hello there! Really like your codepens! They're well done! Can I copy/modify this http://cdpn.io/jqOBqp in my website?

  2. @Jessica77Allison yes, but please, add credits and let me see your final work :)

  3. Amazing, I had a nice chat with you aha! Love the animation, feels really dynamic

  4. I just had a chat with the code! Loved it! :D

    • "How are you?"
    • "spaghetti"
    • "Not too bad, thanks"
  5. @watercolours, with what response did you expect I answered? :D

  6. @supah: if ($.trim(msg) == 'spaghetti') { return 'Babba di boopy.'; }

    Reference for those not familiar

  7. @watercolours ahahah, ok, that's perfect :°D

  8. I think the js file does not work for me.

    I do not receive any messages from artificial intelligence

  9. Do you consider private projects ?

  10. Hi @manishpatell, send me a private message clicking on the "hire me" button on my profile

  11. Hi Fabio! I think your work is really incredible (animation game on point!), and I also wish to use your project and modify it a bit for my website, is it OK to credit you as follows:

    Messaging interface based on Fabio Ottaviani's work on codepen: http://cdpn.io/jqOBqp

    or however you like, let me know!

  12. You should combine this with AI module. I think it will work fine.

    I really enjooyed!

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