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  1. A W E💲O M € 💳

  2. Looks great, I do have some suggestions for improvement though.

    • Allow for password/information managers like 1Passwords to fill out the information. I was not able to fill in expiration month or credit card number with their form filler.
    • Allow for straight up pasting in a credit card number
    • Change the cards brand depending on the card number
  3. Thanks @EivindB, but this is a dailyui challenge: I work on it only a pair of hours just for the effect. If you want, you can fork it :)

  4. @supah there is tons of great feedback for your pen on reddit ! Great job BTW.

  5. @lebaux ahahah, really insane :D

  6. Love how clear this is. No one would be confused filling this out. That is a high bar to reach.


  8. Magnifico.

  9. Great work!

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