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                Nothing here... please open your browser console ;)





                /*** Welcome ***/

console.log("%c🍓 Welcome to my Console! 🍓", "color: #f4675d; font-size: 30px; border: 3px solid #52a776; border-radius: 5px; padding: 20px; margin: 80px 20px;");

/*** Objects ***/

const fruits  = {'name': 'Strawberry', 'color': 'red', 'size': 'small', 'image': '🍓'};
const veggies = {'name': 'Broccoli', 'color': 'green', 'size': 'medium', 'image': '🥦'};"___ Logging the Objects ___");

// 1. straightforward output

// 2. Frustrating output
console.log('fruits are: ' + fruits);     // :(

// 3. Using the %o string substitution for objects, it's way better!
console.log('veggies are: %o', veggies);  // :)

// 4. Returning multiple objects at once
console.log({ fruits, veggies });

// 5. log() vs info() to display objects in strings
console.log("Shopping list: " + fruits + " and " + veggies);  // :("Shopping list: ", fruits, " and ", veggies);    // :)

// 6. Returning object attributes with template literals
console.log(`Shopping list short version: \n- ${} \n- ${}`);


/*** Colors ***/"___ Adding colors ___");

// 7. Adding colors
console.log('%c Important debug', 'color: red; font-weight: bold;');

// 8. Using colors, string substitution and template literals
const step = 1;
const success = true;
const msg = (success) ? 'success' : 'error';
const msgColor = (success) ? 'green' : 'red';
console.log('%c Debug %c - Step %i: %c%s', 'background: FireBrick; color: white; font-weight: bold', 'font-weight: bold', step, `color: ${msgColor}`, msg);


/***  Table  ***/"___ Table ___");

// 9. Displaying objects in a table (same attributes)
console.table([fruits, veggies]);

// 10. Displaying objects in a table (different attributes)
const meat = {'name': 'Chicken', 'weight': '2kg'};
console.table([fruits, veggies, meat]);