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On the Android Browser pre-Jellybean, font-size: 0 does not remove the white-space between inline-block elements.

Although the browser on Jellybean does remove the space, unfortunately, a random bug fails to remove all of the space before the last element


  1. Great research Matt, thanks!

  2. It seems that it can be (almost) fixed by replacing 0 with very small non-zero value, e.g. 0.001px: http://codepen.io/SelenIT/pen/HIika

  3. I've been able to reproduce this ("yay!") on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 as well.@SelenIT 's suggestion did not help, unfortunately; I'm guessing it might work if you have just a tiny bit of space remaining, but if you're inline-blocked elements add up to exactly 100% width - no deal.

  4. A bit late, but worth the try. Do we have any workarounds for that? Thanks!

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