Ok, I don't get out much so this is a big treat for me. Take it easy, pleasy!

I was working on a project, and wanted to float some content outside of the viewport, and then have it animate into view. The part I was having issues with was the size of the Div I was positioning out of view. I'm sure there's a better way, or at least multiple alternate ways of accomplishing this, but I'm also trying to learn as I go. A unique concept, I'm sure!

So anywho, I whipped up this pen to help me visualize the dimensions. Using the resize() method, I called for the initial window size and had that output to the screen, and then I suggest resizing the window to watch the values change. And I even added a reset button for good measure. That way I could see the live values as I resized.

If you know of alternate ways to do the same thing, please feel free to share 'em!

Thanks for poppin' by. -Noel

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