I read the article by Deborah Edwards-Onaro Quick Tip: How to Convert Image Text to Text and found the method described to be easy and largely successful (minimal post conversion editing needed). I then thought that this could be useful for the many images of text posted on twitter (without alt text). I have seen a number of people making pleas, to provide alt text for images (including infographics and text provided as an image, especially in tweets containing useful information related to COVID-19) :

The workflow

If you see an image of text or an image containing text on Twitter that does not have a text alternative (you look at the img code in browser web dev tool), save the image. example image with no alt:infographic about cognitive reframing, then follow the steps provided by Deborah:

  1. Upload the text image to Google Drive
  2. Once the file is uploaded, use the contextual menu (right-click or two fingers on touchpad)
  3. Select “Open with Google Docs”
  4. A new Google Docs file is created, with the image at the top of a
  5. new Google Docs file. The converted text displays underneath the image
  6. You can now edit the text, change formatting, or correct any typos.

Once ready, share the google doc link on Twitter:

The process is simple and takes a few minutes. No excuse not to.

Further reading:

Twitter support doc about how to add alt text in the first place, preferable for shorter (images of) text.