Mike Smith lying in front of a shop sign 'HTML World Standard'

ARIA baked in HTML

Of late I have been working, again, with Mike™Smith AKA Sideshowbarker AKA Deputy Director @W3C who in his spare spare time maintains and develops the W3C Nu HTML Checker, to get the rules defined in ARIA in HTML implemented in the W3C Nu HTML Checker. Mike and I have been collaborating for years on accessibility related authoring requirements of HTML, but we have made a big push of late to ensure that the checker is aligned with the rules in the ARIA in HTML spec. I am please to say there are only a few issues left to resolve.

Note: this is an iterative process and new issues will arise, and be fixed as ARIA continues to evolve.

What does this mean?

It means that when you use the W3C HTML Checker it will provide errors and warnings if you are using ARIA attributes, including dpub roles in a way that is not intended for them to be used in HTML. By checking your HTML you can ensure that your code is interpreted and works as intended.

A big thanks to Mike™Smith for making this happen, Scott O'Hara for helping me edit ARIA in HTML and Hans Hillen for developing the ARIA test builder

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