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                <button id="btnPlay">Play Game!</button>




                var btnPlay = document.getElementById('btnPlay');

const random_names = ["Lily", "Chance", "Samuel", "Chris", "Malakai", "Julia", "Brandon"];

btnPlay.onclick = function() {
  alert("Welcome to my game! Use the OK and Cancel buttons to choose your adventure. This example uses three JavaScript functions to show you messages and ask you questions: alert(), confirm(), and prompt().");
  var name = prompt("What is your name?");
  if (name == null || name.length < 1) {
    alert("You don't have a name?");
    alert("Okay, I'll pick one for you.")
    name = getRandomName();
    alert("Your name is " + name);
  var choice1 = confirm("You are on the playground and you find a mysterious red lamp. Do you pick it up?");
  if (choice1 == true) {
    alert("The lamp seems to be made of glass. When you shake it, the inside lights up with tiny blue sparks that look like stars.");
    choice2 = confirm("There's still time to put the lamp down and walk away. Do you rub the lamp?");
    if (choice2) {
      alert("A genie pops out of the bottle!")
      var genie_name = prompt("What is the genie's name?");
      if (genie_name == null || genie_name.length < 1) {
        alert("You didn't give the genie a name? Oh, man.")
        alert("Okay, I'll do it for you.");
        genie_name = getRandomName();
        alert("The genie's name is " + genie_name);
      alert(`The genie says in a booming voice, "Hello there, ${name}. My name is ${genie_name}. I am here to grant you three wishes."`);
      for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
        var wish = prompt(genie_name + ": What is your wish?");
        alert(genie_name + ": I have granted your wish! " + wish);
      alert(`Great work, ${name}. Your wishes made the world a better place!`);
  } else {
    alert("Recess is over, and nothing bad happened!")

function getRandomName() {
  return random_names[Math.floor(Math.random() * random_names.length)];