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A textbox that looks like a notepad! Forms are fun!


  1. excellent works ! Can i use this for my project ?

  2. Yes, of course!

  3. thanks you ! This project is a project for a social network on cooking recipe

  4. Great! Show me the result when you're done!

  5. don't worry :)

  6. i like it, so like tumblr form

  7. This is beautiful. I love it!

  8. funny work, thanks. but you don't need to write DOM ready statements, see this http://blog.codepen.io/documentation/features/using-javascript-libraries/

  9. excelente trabajo! saludos desde Venezuela

  10. gracias!

  11. Wow I love this! Your work inspired me to create my own "fun textbox" :D http://codepen.io/TimPietrusky/pen/kIdnE

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