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A WebGL Shader I made to simulate rain falling on your window/screen! Using Javascript for the rain simulation and a WebGL shader for the gooey effect and the refraction of the water droplets. Works both on mobile and on desktop and is fully responsive!

A big thanks to https://tympanus.net/codrops/2015/11/04/rain-water-effect-experiments/ for inspiring me and https://www.shadertoy.com/ for all the useful examples.


  1. Incredible. Realistic and nice to look at

  2. Finally. Fucking fat

  3. Jaw dropping, great work!

  4. This is amazing! I just love looking at it..

  5. I keep coming back to watch this, beautiful

  6. Wonderful. Full of wonder. Well done!

  7. Bas Groothedde @ImagineProgramming on

    I found myself staring at this for longer than I'd like to admit. It's really calming, great job!

  8. Hi Stefan! Great job! How would you suggest I put this rain as an overlay to an existing full screen Ken-Burns type slideshow background images? I need to substitute the background and foreground images to change the background.

  9. Amazing, wonderful job!

  10. 고마워요. 매우 좋아요. Thank you. very nice.

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