I'm not entirely sure about the utility of codepen posts, but I'll give it a stab and see what comes from it.

I started Daily CSS Images challenge yesterday, and I enjoyed my first attempt.

It takes quite a long time to do each one! I want to make sure I'm getting some real gains from the time I spend, so I'm going to consciously pursue new techniques with each daily challenge.

In my CUB effort I got to grips with making the classes as general as possible, and defining additional classes to modify these - usually to place right and left hand versions - where necessary.

I also needed to make use of z-index to make sure the layering was right, and I learned that I could define these arbitrarily as negative or postive integers to make things go where they needed.

I could have centered my image better. And I needed to do a bunch of repositioning at the end so features didn't drift off when the browser was resized. I guess it matters which side you use to determine your absolute positioning!

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