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October 15th: Plaid, Pythons, and Porygons

Colour Changing Chameleon

Show Cassie Evans' clever chameleon a color and it will do its best to match (with some help from tracking.js).

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Steve Gardner slithers in with this striking snake animation made with POP.svg.

#CodePenChallenge: Masks

The Halloween fun continues! Last week, the CodePen community played with masks — the scary kind and the SVG kind. Check out our collection of Pens from the Masks challenge, including Paul's "Mask Slider".

Web Workers and OffscreenCanvas

Gerard Ferrandez moved his famous dancing robots into "their own separate OS-managed CPU thread", and shared the details in a post for our Spectrum community.

CodePen Radio #194: GraphQL

Chris, Rach, and Cassidy are on to talk about bringing GraphQL and Apollo into the CodePen stack.

CSS Porygon

"Porygon from Pokemon. It likes to be patted (hovered over)" from David James.

CSS Grid for Getty Images

"Getty Images is going through a whole redesign. This is the prototype code of the new homepage that uses CSS Grid" from Thomas Vaeth.

CodePen Brighton - Pass the Pen

The CodePen Brighton meetup crew took the "Pass the Pen" challenge and created this spacey scene!


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A goldfish photo pours into the frame in this lovely animation from ycw.

Color Flood Game with Colorblind Mode

Josh Collinsworth builds a playable color flood game with React and CSS grid. Flip the toggle to check out the colorblind-friendly emoji mode!

Mouth expressions with Pug, SVG and GSAP

Watch your browser go from happy to confused to neutral in this amusing study of animated expressions from Alessandro Falchi.

CSS Button on Plaid

It's that time of year again! Marcus Connor buttons up the browser in plaid in this delightful autumn Pen.