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July 30th: Melody, Maps, and Mood

Embeds v3

We've updated embedded Pens and added some sweet new features. Check out what's new!

Northwestern MS in Info Design+Strategy

Learn to use research and analytics to drive communication strategies and to translate complex data into compelling visuals and narratives.

Map Projections in the Web

"Have fun distorting the shape of the world" with Jacob Wasilkowski's tutorial on map projections with D3.

Codepen Simulator Game

It's a CodePen RPG! Create Pens, release them into the world, and level up your skills in Jamie Coulter's game.

Planck.js Air Hockey Physics Test

Test you skills on an "air hockey physics simulation using Planck.js" from Steve Meredith.

​Delightful realtime apps with Channels

Powerful features, 40+ SDKs supported, 150+ tutorials available and the support you need. Generous free plan. Get started today.

Swiss Layout

From Sarah Drasner: "I'm trying to learn CSS grid a little bit better, so I wanted to try an older swiss design, but make it responsive. Scroll the window down!"

Neon tunnel

Mathijs Peerbom recreates a gif from koenichthomas with three.js in this vibrant Pen.

Lazy Box

A simple square takes its time tumbling across the screen in this animated Pen from Chris Gannon.


This Spotlight and PolygonOffset demo from ycw is a big mood.

Home Sweet Home!

Abhi constructs a lovely little home with CSS complete with a smoking chimney.

CodePen Radio #183: Tone.js

Marie and Jake are on this week talking about Tone.js and how you can follow along with Jake's experiments with audio and the web to learn more about this neat *sounding* library.

CSS 3D Cube turned menu

A menu concept with playful turns on hover from Joshasusual.

Eyes Generator

The browser has its eyes on you in this sliiightly creepy Pen from fdsea. Click the "Generate" button to create a new crop of eyes.