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July 23rd: Stacks, Sliders, and Snow

CodePenChallenge: Checkboxes Roundup

The CodePen community checked in with some great work this week! Have a look at some of our favorites from this week's Checkboxes challenge.

Simple Project Management Tool

monday.com - A Revolutionary Visual Project Management Tool Project tracking, teamwork & client reporting like you've never seen before.

Phenomenon Instances

Colin van Eenige demonstrates the Phenomenon WebGL API with this colorful interactive Pen.

GeoStack SVG Generator

"Generates a random grid (max 3x5) of SVG rects, filled with either a circle or a line" from Melissa Em.

CodePen Meetup Brussels [June 2018]

Louis Hoebregts shares photos and a recap of the first CodePen meetup in Brussels!

Versatile CSS-Only Ripple Effect

Jessie Proffitt breaks down a pure CSS ripple effect with an in-depth tutorial within a Pen.

Web Unleashed

Web Unleashed, the conference for front-end developers, is coming October 1-2, 2018 in Toronto! There will be over 50 talks across the 2 days of Web Unleashed, covering topics including Accessibility, AI, UX/UI, Animation, Design, React, DataViz, Business Strategy, Futurism, CSS, Performance, Process, Ethics, Creative Code, JavaScript, Frameworks, Responsive Design, SVG's, Interaction Design, and Security. Save 50% with coupon code CODEPEN.

Snow Globe

A lovely "Three.js scene with different materials, lighting and STL import using STLLoader.js" from al-ro.

Pure CSS Stack

Bence Szabó's rendition of the mobile game Stack is built with regular ol' vanilla CSS, using a combination of HTML checkboxes and very clever animation.

CSS Grid Posters

An exploration of CSS grid inspired by retro poster design from Nick @wegotdeathstar.

Let there be light

"Paint with your cursor to create a galaxy" in this gorgeous Pen by Per Byhring.

Of Note: Better Text Annotations for the Web

Brandon Dorn explores a web text annotation method of "interleaved notes", designed to encourage focused reading.

Chromatic Slider

"A slider with some colourful flair" built with Popmotion by Nathaniel Watson.

Celebrating 1,000!

The @Keyframers are jumping for joy to celebrate 1000 followers on Twitter and YouTube. Check out their channel for live coding demonstrations!