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January 23rd: Smoke, Sass, and Snow


customize your own mythical beast with Una Kravets' VueJS-powered Pen

CSS Only Girl Running

This CSS animation by Adam Walker is pretty much the cutest thing ever 😍

Ye Olde Internet Scrollbars

by Charlotte Dann — "Oh how I miss these IE scrollbars. It used to take 7 lines to achieve this effect, now it takes 27! How the internet has fallen. Long live IE"

Mondrian Clock Pure CSS

The #dailycssimages challenge continues! We saw so many impressive clocks, including this Mondrian-inspired piece by Anya Melnyk

CSS Taco w/randomize

Need some taco inspiration in your life? Check our Paul Allen's taco randomizer

Ultimate Guide to Non-Rectangular Headers

Part one of a series by Ahmad Nassri "I'm going to tackle a variety of those design approaches, provide all the possible methods to achieve them (in pure CSS) along with a detailed comparison, comparing simplicity, portability, cross-browser support, and performance!"

Intro to Sass

Jorie Clark put together a wonderful guide to the basics of Sass. If you're new to Sass, you'd do well to read this and understand the features: nesting, variables, math, extends, mixins, and functions.

THREE.js Smoke Particles

Grungy looking smoke by Marco Biedermann. Looks like a nicely constructed ES6 class and only 162 lines, so plenty to learn from here.

CodePen on Instagram

If you just can't get enough CodePen, we post a lot of visually-impressive Pens over on our Instagram account.

Jue de bille

by Gthibaud - "tilt the screen with your mouse and move the sphere to the square. beware the holes in the ground"

Learning redux-form 6 with ES7

@clindsey: "Typically, developing a Redux application involves writing loads of action creators and reducers, but redux-form has abstracted all of that away and it hardly feels like writing Redux anymore."

Snow Cleared Loader

Chris Gannon has turned the fantastic snow clearing squirrel into a loading animation.