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May 28th: Ducks, Drinks, and Demolition Man

CodePenChallenge: Sub and Sup Roundup

The CodePen community really knows whatSUP (get it?). Here are a couple of our favorites from this week's HTML Buddies challenge.

​Build Enterprise Apps Faster with Ext JS

Build enterprise-grade web & mobile apps with Ext JS, a developer-friendly JS framework with 115+ pre-integrated UI components. Try it free!

Pure CSS watch animation

Grzegorz Witczak is back with another astonishing CSS animation based on a Dribbble shot by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Managing SVG Interaction With The Pointer Events Property

Tiffany Brown shares some pointers on how to use the pointer-events property to "manage which parts of an SVG document or element can receive events from a pointing device" in this tutorial post on Smashing Magazine.

Types of Coffee | Pure CSS

"Coffee Infographic on the types of coffee all done in pure CSS" by Julie Park.

80's / 90's Movie UI's recreated in CSS #1 - Demolition Man 1993

Jamie Coulter is embarking on a series, recreating 80's / 90's movie UI CSS. First up, the hexagon foldout menu from 1993's "Demolition Man".

Delightful realtime apps with Channels

Powerful features, 40+ SDKs supported, 150+ tutorials available and the support you need. Generous free plan. Get started today.

A New Create Menu and Unlimited Pen Templates

Our "Create" menu just got an update! And we've lifted the limits on Pen templates, so everybody can save as many templates as you like.

Oceanic Overlays

The Keyframers translated a Dribbble shot by tubik into a gorgeous CSS slider live on their Twitch stream!

FF Meta Variable Font Demo

"An explanation of Variable Fonts, what they do, why they matter, and in general an attempt to show off a beautiful, classic typeface design by Erik Spiekermann now in variable form from Monotype." from Jason Pamental.

OutRun ( no canvas)

Patrick Stillhart recreates the arcade classic OutRun in this fully playable Pen!

Scantron Answer Sheet (CSS grid demo)

Jon Kantner puts CSS grid to the test in this reproduction of the dreaded Scantron sheet.

Bug Report D20

Stumped by a bug report? Roll the D20 to find the "answer" in this cheeky Pen from Chris Fritz.

Error 404 with pure CSS: Monument Valley inspiration

Getting lost is just another adventure in this Monument Valley-inspired 404 page concept from Sussie Casasola.