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May 14th: Constellations, Corrections, and Corgis


The elk in Hankuro's gorgeous D3.js Pen looks like a constellation running across the sky.

​Build, test, and deploy something new

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Marco Dell'Anna's stunning portfolio gathers up his beautiful experiments with particles, gravity, and motion.

May's #CodePenChallenge: HTML Buddies!

We have a brand new theme for May's CodePen Challenges. Some HTML elements are just made to come in pairs, so let's celebrate them by coming up with some clever demos showcasing these HTML Buddies.

Grid Experiment No. 6

Jules Forrest ads a new Pen to her collection of grid experiments: a check from a diner meal that looks so much like the real thing you'll start calculating the tip!

The Relative Units of CSS

A helpful primer on CSS relative units with helpful embedded demos from Adam Laki.

Where it all began

"Customizing this page was what inspired me to learn HTML, CSS and graphic design. So 16 years later I've recreated the old school Neopets user lookup page using CSS grid and Vue" from Tiffany Choong.

CodePen Radio #173: Drip

Marie, Chris, & Jake are back to talk email and this time we're talking about how CodePen uses drip email campaigns as well as a discussion of how we approach email personally.

66 "snack sized" videos covering everything about ES6

The JavaScript world has fully embraced ES6, and there is a lot to love about it. It's time to make sure you're leveled up in all the new syntax and possibilities. Pick up Wes Bos' course and you'll be all set. Oh, and remember you can practice your ES6 stuff right in CodePen!

leaving out particularities

Gerard Ferrandez builds a enchanting scene with perlin noise. Click anywhere to generate a new particle flow.

GLSL: Visualising 3D distance fields in 2D

A "visualisation of a Distance Field use for Raymarching in 3D" from Liam Egan. Check out the Pen's description for references and details on how the effect was achieved.

New CSS Features That Are Changing Web Design

Zell Liew for Smashing Magazine on how CSS grid "changes everything" about web design. Complete with embedded demos of how to use the `fr` unit and how to build height-based grids.


An "image gallery made with Flexbox and CSS Grid" from Katherine Kato, with friendly header elements that follow your cursor when you hover one of the images.

Nano Corgi

Sliced Bread Animation translates a Dribbble shot by Dmitry Stolz to CSS and JS in this adorable Pen.