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April 30th: Running, Sliding, and Scrolling

#CodePenChallenge: Pong Roundup

The CodePen community bounced a lot of good ideas around this week! Check out a couple of our favorites from the Pong challenge.

Molnár Vera, (Dés)Ordres

Scorch translates pioneering computer artist Vera Molnar's (Dés)Ordres into JavaScript in this mesmerizing Pen.

Understand and Guide Your Users

Pendo combines product analytics and qualitative feedback to help product teams deliver software users love. Request a free demo today.​

Treehouse Techdegree

Anyone can be a developer. Get the skills you need to launch a new career. “Being a Techdegree student is one of the best decisions that I have made for my career.” - Kalina Edwards, Techdegree Student & Web Developer

US State List and Map Transformation

Rob DiMarzo demonstrates how a single HTML view can use CSS to transform into different visual modes by transforming a list of US states into map and tile views.

Slider Animations: Pies from the Waitress Musical

"It started out with a simple recipe UI thing, but I couldn't just put one pie. Now it's a slider with animation!" A Pen from oliviale, inspired by the musical "Waitress".

CodePen Radio #171: The Keyframers

Marie is joined by The Keyframers - David and Stephen - to talk about the genesis of their new Twitch channel and how they use of CodePen to make it happen.

Tape Measure Scrollbar

If your scrollbar doesn't measure up, you could always try something like Karl Saunders' responsive tape measure!


A lighthouse beams across an animated sea in this Pen from Camila Waz.

Halftone Video Effect

"Convert your camera stream into a halftone video like in the old newspapers" in this trippy Pen by Louis Hoebregts.

Running Dude (made with bodymovin)

Watch this dude get into the running groove in this cheerful Pen by Bram van Dijk.


On World Penguin Day, Ivan Odintsov recreated a Dribbble shot by Eva Galesloot with Sass.