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March 26th: Good Burgers, Geometry, and Gal Shir

CodePenChallenge: Good Burger Roundup - CodePen Blog

The CodePen community took a big bite out of the Good Burger challenge! Here are just a few tasty Pens from week three of the #CodePenChallenge.

Ext JS: A JavaScript Framework to Build Web & Mobile Apps Quickly

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Sphere Slices

Shaw recreates Angular Geometry's "Simple Living" with THREE.js clippingPlanes and GSAP.

Push my face around

"Applied Floyd Steinberg dithering to a picture of myself and then turned it into repulsed particles". Move the mouse around to push the particles around in this Pen by Nat.

css eye animations

CSS has its eyes on you in this eye animation test by Creme.

Design Your Week

Design the week of your dreams in David Khourshid's Pen, based on a Dribbble shot by Gal Shir.

Mario Made with CSS Gradients

Alcides Queiroz explains how he built a Super Mario World scene with CSS gradients (and without JavaScript!) in his Medium post.


"A neat trick for getting a very natural fluid motion by 'walking' a plane through 3d perlin noise." from Ben Matthews.

St. Gridcent

A CSS Grid, clip-path, filter, & blend-mode experiment by Melissa Em.

Dual Slideshow Demo

Jacob Davidson experiments with -webkit-text-fill-color in this dual-pane slideshow concept.

Ziggidy Zaggady

"Colorful, mouse following, SVG zig zags. Written with Typescript, GSAP and rxjs" by Steve Gardner.

Pure CSS Saturn Hula Hooping

The Gal Shir love continues! Titan watches Saturn hula hoop in Jamie Coulter's recreation of Gal's Dribbble shot.