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March 12th: Towers, Tutorials, and Traditionalists

CodePenChallenge: Stargate Roundup

The CodePen community sure knows how to rise to a challenge! We're blown away by the spacey stuff you all did this week. Here are just a handful of the amazing Pens from Week One.

GitLab 10.1 released with Image Discussions

Manage your visual assets and collaborate on design socially, just by simply clicking a specific location of an image and start a discussion around it.

Bigs & Littles

A colorful experiment with type and transparency by Dan Wilson.

CodePen Chicago: March 5th, 2018

#CodePenChicago's host Brian Montana shares fantastic photos and stories from the March event.

Animated Unsubscribe Page

The frown on the little envelope's face might give you second thoughts in this animated SVG and GSAP Pen from agathaco.

Unruly Tower

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to run, SPACEBAR to jump in this challenging browser game by Johan Tirholm.

CSS Grid for Traditionalists

Ren Aysha takes you through how to transform a traditional percentage-based grid with floats over to CSS Grid in this tutorial post.

What I coded and studied the last 401 days

Follow Eleftheria Batsou on a coding journey that started with 100 Days of Code and carried on for hundreds of days more in this blog post.

Pass The Pen!

Kristopher Van Sant started a "Pass the Pen" collaborative coding project, and the results are amazing so far. Check out the current Pens, and maybe join in next time!

Developing a Creative Upload Interaction with JavaScript and Canvas

Luis Manuel shows you how to make an upload animation that *sparkles* in this tutorial post.

Rotating Cube

Chill out for a bit with Sil van Diepen's rotating neon cube, built with Pug and SCSS.

Resizable Elements w/ scoped CSS Variables

"A demo for creating resizable elements using scoped CSS variables" from jh3y.