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February 26th: Avatars, Portraits, and Noise

Animated SVG Avatar

This yeti respects your privacy! An adorable animated login buddy, built with GSAP TweenMax library and GSAP's MorphSVG plugin by Darin S.

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Would you like fries with that?

Build yourself an SVG burger with a little help from Vue.js and Tiffany Choong!

Glass Galaxies

"Particles each pick another random particle to orbit around leaving trails behind of their movements. Click to generate a new galaxy" in this atmospheric Pen by Ben Matthews.

How I Construct a Pen on CodePen

Sten Hougaard shares how he takes an idea from a thought to a sketch to a finished Pen in this informative blog post.

Page Transition - Old TV Switching Off

Chris Smith shares a clever idea for a retro exit transition — the old-fashioned fade out of a vintage TV.

Three.js and Web Audio API

Send stars out into space and chill out in the shadow of Saturn in this spaced-out Pen by Ellen Probst.

CSS Illustration: Face

Click the radio buttons to try out different hairstyles on this pure CSS model illustration by White Pallet.


"I got inspired by a Dribbble shot I saw on Twitter the other day and decided to make my own simplified version of what a Windows 95 Instagram program might look like!" by Gabrielle Wee.

SVG Text Portrait

Hover over the quote to reveal a piece of the portrait in this experiment with clip-path by Lisi Linhart.

GLSL: Tri Noise Soup

Liam Egan is back with another psychedelic GLSL showcase. Check out the comments in the JS panel for a peek behind the scenes.

Day 14: Record Player

Mogeli lortkipanidze drops the needle on day 14 of a 30 day personal challenge to make a CSS image every day.