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February 19th: Love, Layouts, and Logging On

Ikko Tanaka (pure CSS)

yuanchuan translates the iconic work of Japanese graphic designer Ikko Tanaka into CSS in this stunning Pen.

Protect Your Apple Devices in Minutes

Jamf Now is a device management solution for your Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. Don't sweat your tech. Focus on your business instead. Create your free account!

Collab Mode Gets an Update!

We've just finished up another big behind-the-scenes upgrade on Collab Mode, making it faster and more stable!

Metafizzy CodePen Showcase: Round 2

David DeSandro shares a new showcase of Pens using Metafizzy plugins, including Isotope, Flickity, and Packery.

Everything you need to know about CSS Variables

Ohans Emmanuel takes you through the fundamentals of CSS variables in this detailed post full of helpful CodePen examples.

Snake Highlight

Sometimes the smallest details bring the most delight! A little strip of neon snakes along a login form in Mikael Ainalem's Pen.

CodePen Radio #161: Community Safety

On the latest episode, Chris and Marie talk about the challenges and benefits of keeping the community around CodePen safe and friendly.

Building Table Sorting and Pagination in Vue.js

Raymond Camden shares how he built a sortable, pageable table (of cats!) with Vue.js and Ajax in this post.

A Comprehensive Guide to Clipping and Masking in SVG

Dennis Gaebel takes you through some advanced methods of clipping and masking with SVG in this truly comprehensive post filled with excellent demo Pens.

Candy Heart

The CodePen community spread a lot of love for Valentine's Day! Check out Katherine Kato's candy heart of coding love.

Spaced - To Space & Back Responsive Home Page

Waldo Broodryk takes a design from Mike Delsing to the outer space of front-end development in this far out Project!

CSS Grid for UI Layouts

Josh Marinacci shows how he used CSS grid to build the UI layout of an old-school RPG in this post at Mozilla Hacks.