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February 12th: Color, Clocks, and Cubes

Kyle Lavery on CodePen

New year, new profile! Kyle Lavery renovated his profile page with a fresh and colorful design.

Learn essential CSS skills with Treehouse

Add to your creative tool box. Start your path to becoming a front-end web developer, or brush up on your skills with our CSS course.

Daily Pen #11 - Lace

Kelvin Hung is on a personal daily Pen challenge, and the results are delightful! His 11th day brings us a field of neon dancing threads.

FreeCodeCamp: Pomodoro Clock

Joe Weaver answers the Free Code Camp pomodoro challenge with a stylish clock and a selection of soothing sounds to help focus.

How To Export SVGs For The Web From Illustrator

"What's the best way to take their vector files and convert them into an optimized SVG on the web?" Colin Lord shows you in this helpful tutorial post.

CodePen Radio #160: Serverless

What is "serverless"? And what does it mean to go serverless on CodePen? Chris and Marie are here to go over the basics of serverless apps and give you some ideas of what you can do with them.

Craft Plugin Search

Search Craft CMS plugins and sort them by popularity in this Project by T. J. Fogarty.

CSS-Only Cube Pack

Another staggering CSS animation by David Khourshid — "I was going to use THREE.js but I forgot."

Psychedelic Waves

"Looking at these waves for 1 minute will bring you 56% more serenity". Karim Maaloul explores curl noise to produce a psychedelic effect.

3D CSS Mystery Box

A spinning box from James Mellers, with subtle, realistic details that draw you in to the mystery.

Blocky Digital Clock

"A digital clock inspired by some typography in the GameCube BIOS" by Jon Kantner.

Easy Theming w/ CSS Vars

Daryn St. Pierre demonstrates how you can use CSS variables to simplify color switching in this eye-catching Pen.