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January 15th: Sliders, Stackers, and Stardust

Grassy Text with Variable Fonts

Mandy Michael's experiment with variable fonts makes it fun to watch grass grow!

Next Generation Project Management Tool Is Here

Manage your projects & tasks with ease, plan visually on a timeline see what everyone on your team is working on at a glance.

Responsive Stacked Cubes - CSS Grid

Andy Barefoot stacks photo cubes with CSS grid, with a clever workaround for Firefox.

Masked Circle Slider

Fabio Ottaviani cuts out a "donut mask" from the sliding images in this unconventional photo slider.

Advanced Image Alignments with CSS Grid

"An experiment to mix regular floated images and full-bleed / full-bleed variant images within the same layout using a combination of old layout methods and CSS Grid." from Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Eric Thayer on CodePen

New year, new profile page for Eric Thayer! Check out his "semi-brutal" redesign of his CodePen profile page.

Tower Blocks

Place the blocks just right and build a tower. It's harder than it looks! Steve Gardner translates the iOS game "Stack" into HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

CSS 3D Bouncy Castle

Steve Meredith built this 3D bouncy castle, so are you gonna take off your shoes or what?

Pure CSS 3D Sphere

An undulating sphere swims like a jellyfish in this mesmerizing Pen by Sergej Skrjanec.

PIXI Bezier Curve Tentacle

Shaw uses "a Bezier curve with PIXI.js rope mesh to morph a tentacle texture" and the results are a liiiiitle creepy!

CodePen Radio #156: The Most Hearted of 2017

We're back with our first episode of 2018! Chris & Marie look back on the most hearted Pens, Posts, and Collections of 2017.


Particle pro Marco Dell'Anna builds a stunning shower of stardust in this gorgeous Pen.