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December 4th: Fine Art, Goo, and 3December

Flood-Fill Algorithm

massimo creates a drawing canvas in which you can draw a "closed" border, then select "Flood fill" and click inside the area to see the color expand algorithmically to fill the contained area.

Snag the hottest new domain name for designers

.design domains were just released and some of the best ones are still available. Normally cost $35 but CodePen subscribers get them now for FREE

Gridvent Calendar

Want to learn more about CSS Grid during the holidays? Jon Hickman's got you covered! "Behind every door is a festive treat all about CSS-grid!"

Impressionists Particle

Murasaki Uma's first Pen is an absolute jawdropper, inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Gooey Radio Buttons

Oddly satisfying "gooey wobbly radio buttons" from Mikael Ainalem.

Liam Egan on CodePen

Liam's experiments with Voronoi cellular noise and shaders produce absolutely stunning results.

CodePen Radio #153: A Fond Farewell to Codevember

It's a wrap! Marie says goodbye to Codevember with special shoutouts to the people who made it amazing.

Etch A Sketch

"That classic drawing toy recreated with a combination of canvas, GreenSock Draggable, and the DeviceMotionEvent API" by Jon Kantner. Make sure to hit "erase" for an extra jolt of nostalgia!

Morph Anything [ GSAP MorhSVG / AI ]

Alaric Web shows you how to morph SVG shapes with Greensock's MorphSVG plugin in this tutorial post.

3D Printing (#3December, Day 1)

Shaw creates a Gameboy in a "3D Printer effect with THREE.js Clipping Plane and GSAP" for his first #3December piece.

CSS MC Escher Cat

Laura Culham bring's Escher's woodblock print to the frontend in this impressive display of fine CSS art.

Gooeytype A

tfw you try to read through a lava lamp. "Animated gooey letterforms" from Adam Kuhn.