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November 20th: Rockets, Rocks, and React


Zultan's Codevember contribution for the 10th is this happy-go-lucky blinking robot blasting through space.

​Manage and Protect Apple Devices at Work

Jamf Now is the easiest way to set up, manage and secure iPad, iPhone and Mac devices at work; no IT required. Create your free account!

Articulation Pieces by Al Boardman

"9 of Al Boardman's animations exported to svg and arranged in a css grid. All of them using the lottie-web player" by kittons.

Rock to Rock Morph

Mikael Ainalem morphs rock into rocks in his contribution for Codevember day 15.

Codevember 2017 by Alexandre Rivaux

Alexandre's striking collection of Codevember contributions is a wonder to behold!

Codevember #13 - Orange

"Strange orange shape built in threejs and glsl." by Shaolin405.

How to Use CSS Gradients on the Web

A primer on CSS gradients from Envato Tuts+, with plenty of handy CodePen demos to follow along with.

CodePen Radio #151: The Codevember Creators

We talk to the Codevember creators, Arthur and Valentin, about their backgrounds, where Codevember started from, what they're using to manage Codevember, and what's different about Codevember for 2017.


"No one was waiting for me. I breathed deep." a new, haunting work from code surrealist Gerard Ferrandez.

Henon Phase

"Javascript implementation of the Henon Phase. Inspired by Paul Bourke" by pimskie.

React Cheese Plate Order

Load up a plate with your 3 favorite cheeses in Jason Weaver's React experiment for the Codevember "cheese" theme.


"Marching cube clouds, particle system rain, lathe and torus column tornado, fog and lightning" in David Lyons' contribution to the Codevember "Storm" theme.