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November 6th: Hello Codevember!

Three.js Eagle Flight

Baron lets an eagle soar through a city of skyscrapers.

What Are Your Users Actually Thinking?

User feedback is key to creating awesome experiences. Learn how to build an effective user testing plan and get actionable insights fast.

Hello Codevember!

It's that time of year again! The Pen-a-day challenge is back, this time with creative coding prompts.

Pure CSS 3D Movie Booking App UI

Jamie Coulter translates an animated movie ticket UI Dribbble shot by Aurélien Salomon into CSS.

Swirly | Flow Field

Johan Karlsson builds hypnotic, swirly text with a flow field. Make sure to check out his blog post about how flow fields work (linked in the Pen description)!

#Codevember 2017 — Sword

A "2D parametric canvas drawing experiment inspired by the game Monument Valley" by Alexandre Rivaux.

Codevember #4

Romina Martin took the "sapphire" theme to a sweet place with this charming pair of lovebirds. Click the banners to change the initials!

CodePen Radio #149: End of Year Bookkeeping

We talk to Dee, our finance sorceress, about the tasks that bookkeepers need to do for a startup at the end of the year.

PalmTree and Sapphire

Zultan doubled up on Codevember themes in this Pen that combines day 3's "tree" with day 4's "sapphire" into a tropical paradise.

Bad AI Billiard Battle

"Try your hand against the worst AI to ever play pool!" by Jake Albaugh.

Galactic Empire Propaganda

Kristopher Van Sant took Codevember's day 1 theme, "galaxy", to the dark side with this Star Wars themed Pen.

Cake Randomizer

For Codvember day 2's "cake" theme, Jason Weaver bakes up a charming cake randomizer. Click for a new cake!