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October 30th: Pinball, Pumpkins, and Patterns

Bit Ocean

Griffin Moyer has made an ocean. An ocean of... bits. Hang around a while, it changes colors and gets pretty mezmorizing.

HelloSign API: Development time matters

Embed HelloSign API into your app in minutes, with just a few lines of code. The fastest eSign API integration time in the industry. Try it free now.

Not Conflict Panel

Yusuke Nakaya gets into 3D CSS with some colored panels that zoom through the air. Plus, only 71 lines of not-overly-complicated SCSS.

Netflix Style Text Animation

Nooray Yemon animates a regular ol' div with a very fancy single @keyframe animation to replicate the classic Netflix long shadow scaling action of it's text intro.

Canvas Filters

Blake Bowen builds a little UI to play with different filters in a <canvas> environment, and more importantly, the different blend modes and how the effect the rendering. They are all fun when applied to stars!

Interactive Conway's Game of Life

"Conway's Game of Life built with plain ole JS and Canvas. Click and drag to GENERATE NEW LIFEEEEE" by Vincent Maglione.

New Design Assets!

We just added something new to save you some time: design assets built right into CodePen! Grab colors, photos, patterns, icons, and popular fonts from right inside the editor.

Pinball Physics

Will Boyd built a pinball machine with Matter.js! Play it with the keyboard or tap on the buttons for a surprisingly realistic game.

CSS Fractured Text Effect

Mandy Michael explains the CSS behind her editable fractured text effect Pen in this detailed blog post.

This is Halloween

Halloween approaches, and with it comes the spoooookiest stuff on CodePen. Our resident Halloween fanatic Marie Mosley gathered up the best of this year's ghosts and goblins, along with classics from years past in this creepy collection.

Fuzzy Creature

"A mashup of Karim Maaloul's generative walk cycle and my fuzzy meshes. Look at the little guy go!" May you strut through your day as confidently as Szenia Zadvornykh's weird little fuzzball.

CodePen Radio #148: The Travelling Dogfood Salesman

We're talking about how we "eat our own dogfood" at CodePen with a couple of examples - Jake's exploration of the travelling salesman problem in Pens, and Rachel's "Post About Your Pen" challenge.