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September 18th: Spinning Stars, Spoken Code, and Pixel Perfection

CSS: Cat Swinging on String

David Khourshid, the master of adorable animal code, translates a charming Dribbble shot by Gal Shir into CSS!

Project management tools are obsolete

Dapulse is the next generation of visual tools, built specifically for designers and developers.

There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.

Paint-by-Numbers, created in email-friendly HTML! From the HTML email magicians tabletrtd.

Material Inspired Checkboxes and Radio Groups

A handy design pattern for checkboxes and radio buttons, with a helpful mini-tutorial by Buddy Reno.

A Pixel-Perfect CodePen Logo

David DeSandro tightened up our logo so it's pixel perfect now! Read all about his process in his guest post on the CodePen blog.

Get Attention Animations

"Sometimes you want to draw attention to an element on your page. Some of these are subtle. Some of them are not", by Jerry Jones.

Only CSS: Paper Bird

"Someday, I want to fly in the sky, like bird." A soaring geometric bird by CSS artisan Yusuke Nakaya.

CodePen Radio #142: The Dashboard

In the latest episode, we go behind-the-scenes on our newest feature, the Dashboard!

Neon Slicey Cube

Get mesmerized by this rotating, sliced-up neon CSS cube from Eli Fitch — inspired by gif artist Charlie Deck.

Spinning Stars or Starfields (and Mechanics Behind)

In this detailed post, Godje takes you through the steps behind an experiment to create a spinning starfield in 30 lines of JavaScript.

Voicebox (spoken Flexbox)

You've heard of mouth-blogging, but have you heard of mouth-coding? "I'm a big talker and thought, 'hey, I want to create UI with my mouth.'" - from Andy Hoffman.

Egg Toggle

"How do you like your eggs? Another mini-mashup with Bodymovin and GreenSock." from Chris Gannon.