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September 11th: Bikes, Browsers, and Butterflies

Cities Slider (React)

Nikolay Talanov's React rendition of a Dribbble shot by Nikoloz Ergemlidze slides gracefully through cities of the world.

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Fabio Ottaviani captivates us with an iridescent orb built with three.js.

CodePen Radio #141: Screenshots

On the latest CodePen Radio, Tim Holman, Rachel, and Marie talk about screenshots on CodePen, and discuss the headless future.

Browser Crash

Will Boyd's matter.js experiment shows us how browser crashes when it's dropped from a height.

Electric SVG Loader

Shaw took on the challenge to recreate a Dribbble shot by Norm Sheeran in SVG. "Took a few liberties, but got a wonderful effect using SVG with some light JS to add a bit of dynamics."


A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutter through this lovely Pen by Yoichi Kobayashi.

Letter Animation

Click the letters in Florin Pop's Pen for delightfully animated surprises!

Bike to School - The Process

Mariusz Dabrowski shares the idea, design process, and the code behind his Creative Coding Club entry "Bike to School".

Spread Cards

Andrew Canham deals us a hand of strikingly realistic playing cards, inspired by a real-life set of minimal cards.

Grid, Flex, and Background Patterns

"This pen uses flex and grid for alignment and layout (respectively), and background gradients for the different tiles" - By liamj.

8bit Gaming Room w/Nintendo & GTA

Come for the playable game on the tv, stay for the clever details, like the clock that really tells time. By r4ms3s.