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December 26th: Hexes, Foxes, and Whirligigs

RegEx Find (and Replace) in the Editor

Hot tip 🔥 You can use use RegEx to find or find & replace in the editor

Snow in Town

CSS illustrator Judith Neumann greets the winter solstice with this snowy scene

Sweater Pattern Invaders 👾

Had about enough of holiday cheer? Vent your frustrations with your ugly sweater in Andreas Nylin's Pen

A Portal to Tomorrow

by jasesmith — "This started out trying to replicate the Dilate album art from Vessels Dilate by Vessels but turned into a portal to tomorrow"

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Hexagonal Generative Art

Absolutely amazing work by Charlotte Dann. The end result is stunning, but even more beautiful is that she documented the journey (46 Pens!) getting there. It's part hexagonal cellular autonoma, part generative design, part trippy jewelry design.

CodePen Enhancement Suite

Alex Zaworski's Google Chrome extension adds things like custom editor syntax highlighting themes and a preview resizer for the Editor in top-mode.

CSS Snow Fox

David Khourshid adds to his epic collection of CSS creatures (remember Meshi the Dog and Alex the Huskey?) with this elegant fox.


It's wonderful to see CodePen legend Tiffany Rayside back with beautiful creations like this memorizing infinite tunnel.

Create a Christmas Snowflake

A WebGL experiment in which you "cut" out slices of a folded piece of paper, then it unfolds into a lovely unique snowflake.

Round Regular Polygon Corners

Ana Tudor: "The corners of a regular polygon, be it a convex regular polygon or a self-intersecting star regular polygon, can be rounded until the point they become a circle."


Wes Bos' new (totally free) course in which you are challenged to build 30 things entirely in Vanilla JavaScript. Which, you could do on CodePen if you were so inclined.