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July 31st: Sound, Song, and Scrolling

Emoji Train

"Say, who doesn’t love finding creative new ways to use emojis? How about a moving emoji train in a mini CSS world!" by Jon Kantner

Escape the infinite loop of upload fails

Web and mobile uploads have unique challenges. Filestack solves both seamlessly.

New Feature: Custom Tab Triggers! (and Emmet 2.0)

We have a brand new thing for y'all that you can start using immediately: custom tab triggers! Plus, we've updated to Emmet 2.0 for more shortcut goodness.

Guinea Pig Bridge Animation Song

Just about the cutest Pen we've seen all month! Warning, the song will get stuck in your head.

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Porcelain Knot

Thibaut's display of fine JavaScript ceramics glistens like a real piece of porcelain.

Early Work

"Demos & sites I made when I was first learning web design. 2006-2010" by David DeSandro

Perlin Noise Blog Style

Antoinette Janus integrates Perlin noise into a blog design concept. The noise gathers in the sidebar for a delicate effect.

Stochastic Drum Machine

Tero Parviainen's Pen builds you a random drum machine pattern. Play with the controls to make a pattern of your own.

CSS Responsive House

David Khourshid translates a Dribbble design by Gal Shir into CSS. Change the slider settings to resize the house.

Full Viewport Z-Index Scroll

"All children of the main tag are positioned with a higher z-index than the previous one. Once that child hits the top of the window it switches to fixed positioning and the next child begins scrolling over it. The opacity also starts to fade out when it's halfway covered. Oh and it's also all vanilla JS." by Thomas Vaeth.

Split Image | Hover Effect

The split and staggered image in Dimitra Vasilopoulou's Pen reassembles itself on hover.