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July 24th: Oscillations, Rotations, and Demonstrations

Theremin Oscillator

An instrument inside a Pen by J Scott Smith! Control pitch with the pointers x position and amplitude is controlled by the pointers y position, or check it out in debug view to use the gyroscope!

Manage and Protect Your Apple Devices

Easily secure your Apple devices with Jamf Now. Create your free account!

Canadian Bear

A brown bear slides across the ice in front of a low-poly mountain in EllenProbst's entry for this month's Creative Coding Club challenge. Click the screen to make the bear spin!

Tree Mirror

In pimskie's kaleidoscopic Pen, one tree is drawn and mirrored over and over again to create a pattern. You can control the spread and divergences with the x and y movement of your pointer.

Spinning Clock 2

Stefanescu Lucian's Pen is "a clock made out of spinning dials, one for each number", and a beautiful way to watch time tick by.

Floating Loading Animation

Squares and rectangles dance and morph in Mario Duarte's loading animation concept.

3D CSS Game Boy Cartridge

This blast from the past by Van Huynh recreates an iconic Game Boy cartridge in HTML and CSS.

Vue SVG Maker

"Showing how form bindings in Vue can be paired with generative SVG for some fun effects", by Sarah Drasner.

Peacock | One Picture, Different Styles

"CSS, SVG, Canvas .. Whatever man, Just bring it on!" Ashish Bardhan's experiments with illustrating a peacock are gathered up in this collection.

CodePen Radio #139: Emmet

On the latest episode of CodePen Radio, We're talking Emmet - a handy toolkit of shortcuts for developers. We talk about how and why to use it, and get into the behind the scenes details of our recent upgrade to version 2.

Profile Image Hover Effect

Dimitra Vasilopoulou's profile images animate on hover with a little bit of Greensock magic!

Game Development

Kevin Giguere's experiments in room generation, damage, battle types, and more are gathered up in this collection of game development demonstrations.