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March 20th: Infinite SVGs, GPT-4 Pens, and Back to the Future CSS

from(), to(), and fromTo() Animations

Get a taste of "GSAP's Bread and Butter" in this detailed rundown of simple tweens with from(), to(), and fromTo() methods from Web Bae.

Flux Capacitor

Kostantin Denerz brings us "1.21 GIGAWATTS!" of power in this brilliant Back to the Future-inspired animated CSS illustration.

GPT-4 Demo Turns a Crude Sketch of a “My Joke Website” into a Functional Website for Revealing Jokes

Did you see Greg Brockman make a Pen from a hand-drawn mockup in the GPT-4 reveal video? We've got that clip for you here, along with more examples of how the CodePen community is experimenting with GPT.

CSS Sleeping Blob

A blobby lil buddy turns in for the night in this charming animated CSS illustration from Khanh Tran.

GPT-4 Lines

Luke Meyrick recreates the minimal animation from the GPT-4 website with Pug and SCSS.

Infinite on top

A curvy line races through an infinite track in this SVG animation from Andy Fitzsimon. Watch for the slick transition when the line crosses the middle!

#CodePenChallenge: Radio Buttons

Week two of our "Buttons" challenge was all about radio buttons. Flip through our collection from week 2, including Pens from LadyHolz, Greg Vissing, Temani Afif, and Wakana Y.K.

cultured ink

Sophia Wood answers the #wccchallenge "organism" prompt with this noisy p5.js animation that has big "Arrival" vibes.

Responsive Border Radius with Badge

wheatup shares a tenacious mail count badge that stays in place no matter what the border radius on its parent changes to.

Flock Paper Scissors

If you want to see the rock paper scissors simulator season finale for yourself, leimapapa's got you with this random flocking simulation built with p5.js.

The triangle caterpillar

Amit Sheen shows us how a geometric caterpillar can do the worm in this jaw-dropping CSS animation.

CSS Art: Motorola RAZR V3i

Alvaro Montoro recreates the "most iconic flip phone ever" in such painstaking detail you can practically hear that retro ringtone. Check out Alvaro's CSS Drawings collection for more.