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July 10th: Generators, Galleries, and Games

Jackson Lab

Jackson Joseph put together a stunning gallery of his creative web development experiments! Click any of the demos to play with it on CodePen.

Project management tools are obsolete

Dapulse is the next generation of visual tools, built specifically for designers and developers.


Chris Gannon's playful Pen is an infinitely building Lego creation!

CodePen Radio #137: Templates

On the latest episode, Chris, Rachel, and Marie talk about one of our best time-saving features for developers: Templates!

Seamless Texture Generator

By Antoinette Janus. Upload your own image, crop it, and resize it to generate your own seamless textures.

React Game - SVG Princess Mononoke

A beautiful game built with SVG, React and GSAP by Anna the Scavenger. Inspired by Sarah Drasner's legendary Elephant Taco Hunt!

SVG encoded for background-image

By Shaw. "Save an HTTP request by encoding your SVG into a Data URI for CSS background-images."

How To: Create a Large-Font Embedded Pen

Want to change the font size in your embedded Pens? You can! Here's a quick tutorial on how to make that happen with a little CSS magic.

All CSS Water Themed UI Demo

A UI concept from Charile Marcotte with aquatic details. Hover around to see the waterworks!


Craig Fox brings a little sweetness to the #dailycssimages party with his pleasingly pixelated cheesecake!

Responsive gallery with CSS Grids

A gorgeous grid by yoksel, built with grids, variables, masks, and her own lovely photos!

Planets App SVG Animation

"An app design I stumbled across on dribbble that I wanted to turn into an interactive SVG animation pen. Clicking on a planet reveals more information about that planet." by Wintr.